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The next 5 things to Help your Findability / SEO

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by Topher

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A follow up from the last post about Findability and SEO and your WordPress blog.

1) Add the title tag to all the links on the page.

The reason for this is to add more information for the search engine spiders to find and read. When you do this it will add more keywords and information about the page / post into their search results. What that means to the person searching is that the words they type into the search engines have a greater chance of finding the article that you have written.

2) Proper placement of the H1, H2, H3 tags on titles on the page.

The reason to do this is to let the search engine spiders know what the most important information on your WordPress blog is, and then you tell it the 2nd and the 3rd most important. The reason you want to do this is so that the spiders will rank this information and use it to help the users to search for the most important and relevant information on your blog.

3) Have the web site verified as W3C compliant (

The reason to do this is that a WordPress blog that is written with W3C compliant code not only makes it easier to optimize for Findability and SEO, but also, compliant code lets a search engine read the whole blog without any problems. If the search engines can do that then there is a more complete picture and record of your blog in the log, and this will help the searchers return more complete and higher placed search results.

4) Add and fill in the atl attribute to all images.

Again, the reason to do this is it gives the search engine spiders more information about the content in the blog. This will not only show up more in searches for keywords, but also in image searches. Google is saying that more and more people are searching for written content that includes images. I have not added images to this blog because I do not think they add anything to the content I write.

5) Add an XML site map (if one does note exist).

The reason for this is to give the search engine spiders a clear road map in the format that they like and will use. With this information the spiders will crawl and index your blog quicker and more efficiently. This will help get time sensitive information in to them sooner, and it will show up in searches faster. With WordPress it is easy to do this with this plugin Google (XML) Sitemap Generator. After set up of the plugin you can rerun it every now and then so that if you have made changes to your blog you can inform Google of the changes.

Hope this helps. If it did drop me a comment. If you all liked this let me know and I will write up 5 more tips.

Thanks for reading

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